Training Your Dog With A Clicker

By Roger Hammond

Each person feels that they have the easiest and most effective method on how to train a dog with a clicker. Almost every dog owner is anxious to share their advice and expertise, when they find out that you have a new puppy. Very similar to when your first child is born, all of your friends and family with children, claim to have an in depth understanding of your situation.

A training method used in the past, known as clicker training, is currently making a comeback, as a productive dog training technique. The clicker is a small box that elicits a distinct clicking sound when the user presses their thumb down on the device; the click is a signal to the dog that he is exhibiting noteworthy behavior and that you are pleased with him. Through this training method, you are teaching the dog to learn the meaning of the clicking noise.

Obviously, the first step is to buy a clicker. It might also be a good idea to get one of the many books out there about dog clicker training. Begin slowly by initiating the process with a simple command like "sit". Issue the command to "sit" and attempt to get your dog to sit on his hind legs. You should give your dog a little treat, and press the clicker box, as soon as he has followed the command. Giving your dog a treat for accomplishing a task, should always be accompanied by clicking box. You will be helping your dog to associate his appropriate behavior with the clicking noise.

These days, there are many Dogs that participate in competitions, that are clicker trained. The next time a competition is aired on television, watch as the dogs perform the various obstacles; if you look to the side, you will probably see their trainer with a clicker box in hand. As long as the method of "command, treat, click" is strictly followed, clicker training is one of the best ways to train your dog.

The use of a clicker to train your dog puts you front and center as the person distributing both rewards and discipline while also making the dog aware of how much you appreciate it when they demonstrate good behavior. This method helps you to develop a closer relationship between you and your dog.

Remember to keep in mind that dogs react better to positive reinforcement, rather than negative punishment; every time they are on their best behavior, be sure to reward them with a click to reinforce the preferred behavior. - 32401

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Positive Experiences With Your Dog Training

By Adriana Noton

Dog training can be a very rewarding experience for both you and your pet when done in a positive manner and with the right attitude. Your dog just wants to please you and when you are both happy everyone has fun, so make it a fun experience. But when your pet starts bad behaviors you have to nip them in the bud. Like chewing for example.

Chewing is a natural behavior for a dog except when it occurs on your new Kenneth Cole boots. Chewing keeps their teeth and gums healthy and you will find a variety of toys and bones in the pet store. Dogs like to exercise their jaws so it is smart to get them a chew toy right away, like with the dog when you bring him home.

When a dog has his own toys to chew on he will be less tempted to chew on your favorite pair of Manolos. If you catch your puppy chewing on something he isn't supposed to tell him "No Chew" very monotone and sternly. Make him sit down and praise him for listening to your command to sit. Then give him a toy he can chew on to show him an example of what is okay.

Constantly praise him and reward him for good actions such as when they urinate in the correct area or when they play with and chew their toys. The reward system encourages good and consistent puppy training.

Keeping your pet off of the furniture is a big part of training him in the house. When he is on the furniture and he is not supposed to be tell him "Off" very sternly. Nudge him off of the furniture quickly by pushing his midsection with your knee or hand. Then make him sit. Praise him for obeying the sit command.

Crate training is a great way to train your puppy. It can be used to potty train your dog pretty quickly. Introduce the crate to your puppy slowly and put it in a place where he will get a lot of attention.

Put a towel or a blanket inside of the crate and play with the dog there. Encourage the dog to go inside by putting treats in there for him and leave his favorite toy just outside of the opening. Them move it to just inside of the crate and put treats inside. Don't force him to go in, let him get used to it and leave the door open during this time. It can take some time for him to get used to it.

The next step is to feed you dog near the crate, then after a few tries put the food inside. When you think he is comfortable close the door when he begins to eat inside of it and open the door when he is finished eating. Each time leave the door closed a little longer. If your dog cries leave him in there for about 10 minutes and don't react to his crying. Let the dog see you when he is inside. - 32401

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Ways To Housebreak An Older Dog.

By Stanley Duray

Have you just got yourself a new dog that is a little older? Have you gone and got it from the pound, or bought it off someone else? If this is the case, then it might well be that you have to housebreak the dog yourself. Commonly when a new dog comes to a new house, they will use the toilet inside the house. This can be because of stressful situations that they have gone through in their life, or simply because they have not yet been trained at all by their previous owner or owners. As such here are some ways to housebreak an older dog but you will need to take on board as the new owner.

There are three times of the day that a dog would usually go to the toilet. This will be in the morning when you first get up, in the evening before they go off to sleep, and about 30 minutes to an hour straight after they had eaten. These will therefore be the times when you have to watch out specifically for them going to the toilet.

When you do take them out at these particular times, it is very important for you to offer them the great praise when they start to go to the toilet. If you praise them each time they do so outside, they will begin to associate this as the right thing to do.

When you have your dog inside the home try to keep it quarantined into certain areas of the house so that if it does have an accident then you will not have too big a problem to deal with. Therefore you should aim to restrict access to places like bedrooms and living areas, and should try to keep the dog in the kitchen or utility area.

When you do take out your dog and they fail to defecate or urinate as you might expect them to, it is going to be important for you to bring them back inside and then take them back out 20 to 30 minutes afterwards.

It's also important to establish a feeding schedule for the animal. Feed them at regular times of the evening, and in the morning if you desire to do so. Ensure that you keep to the schedule and that you take the animal out side as said above 30 minutes to an hour after each feeding.

If your dog ends up using the toilet inside then it is important to offer some punishment but not be too firm as to scare or frighten the animal. If you're able to follow these tips then you should be able to housebreak your dog relatively quickly. - 32401

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What Size Trampoline Do You Need?

By Dave Vower

Trampolines return in all sizes and shapes and what has to make positive what size trampoline is appropriate for your use. If you have already got a trampoline and you currently see that there are rusty stretched springs round the trampoline you may want to switch them immediately to make sure that the right tension is maintained.

It's vital that you just get the right spring that are suited to your trampoline therefore before shopping for new ones you would like to live your old ones. All you need do is remove some of the old springs and live them or else even better you can take the recent spring in and show the salesmen and in turn can give you the proper size.

If you go into the shop without the springs or measurements the first thing the salesman will ask you is what size trampoline you have so yes measurements are important.

On the other hand if you don't have already got a trampoline and you are looking to buy one the most effective size to look at could be a fourteen foot trampoline that is if you have a family. If you have got a little yard then you might want to seem at a ten foot trampoline.

More and more individuals are buying trampolines particularly for his or her children as trampolines will entertain the kids for hours and are a ton of fun. Even the adults will have a good time and can guarantee they get their daily dose of exercise.

The best way to shop for a trampoline is by going on line and browsing through the different sites to see what is available on the market and to compare prices. One can also look for secondhand trampolines which are sold for next to nothing although you may have to replace some of the springs which are relatively cheap. - 32401

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Dog Training Methods And Their Uses

By Kurt Dorey

An obedient dog is a good dog, but they do not get this way naturally. In order to get a well-trained dog, one must begin the dog's training and conditioning while the dog is still very young. For the most part, people attempt dog training on their own, however there are a few who may turn to an obedience school for very thorough dog training.

A reward system is widely recognized as one of the most effective ways to train a dog into good behavior. By using positive reinforcement, such as verbal rewards along the lines of "good dog" or the much more effective method of the dog treat, proven results have been achieved. The treat as a reward in the early stages will guarantee continued good behavior later on.

At the other end of the spectrum is negative reinforcement. Negative reinforcement can come in the form of a tap on the butt or the obligatory "bad dog," spoken aloud. A more extreme form of negative reinforcement used to curb bad behavior can come by way of the utilization of a shock collar.

A bark collar is a common device used in dog training for dogs that bark too frequently. A bark collar can be fitted around the dog's neck and will send out a mild electric shock every time the dog barks. By doing so, the dog will eventually learn not to bark.

There is another form of negative reinforcement that utilizes the same basic principle as the bark collar. A shock collar used in conjunction with an invisible fence is used to contain the dog in a particular area such as a yard or piece of property. The dog receives a mild shock each time she attempts to cross the boundary line which in turn lets her know the limitations.

House training a dog is a very important part of dog training. The best way to house train a dog is with a mix of positive reinforcement and mild negative reinforcement. Give the dog a treat when it goes outside, and discipline it when it goes to the bathroom inside. Dogs can often recognize tone, so use this to your advantage. One quick note: try and avoid using their name (as in just shouting their name when they do something bad) as they cannot distinguish this and may think that you are just calling them to go out.

Training a dog is by no means easy but is well worth the time and effort as a dog can serve as a companion, guardian, or helper. Exercising patience during the dog training assures great results and helps build trust between owner and dog. A well-trained dog is an untiring pleasure that everyone can enjoy. - 32401

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Tips On Finding The Most Suitable Dog Cage

By Fran James

When looking to buy a dog cage it can be quite confusing as there are so many different dog cages out there to buy. There are numerous to choose from such as the large, heavy duty travel cages, to the smaller, cute, decorative types that look more like a piece of furniture.

The folding wire cages are one of the most popular and usually cheapest models around. They are very useful for crate training your dog and for travelling. They are open on all sides which can be a disadvantage as it does not provide a quiet area for your pet to retreat to. This can be remedied though by simply placing a blanket over the cage.

On of the more popular choice amongst pet owners is the soft dog cage. They look cute and are often in bright colors, so pet lovers adore them. However, they are not ideal if you dog likes to chew things or if he is going to grow much bigger. If your dog is not a chewer, you will find them quite durable.

The wicker dog cage is one of my favorites which will quite easily complement living room furniture. If you are looking for something that will be mostly used indoors, these are a good choice. As with the soft cages, the wicker types are mostly suitable for the smaller dog.

The most common type of cage used for transporting dogs is the plastic dog cage, which has a door at the front and air vents on the top and along the sides. These types are often a little more expensive than the other models available. Therefore, it is worthwhile buying one that is also an airline approved carrier, in case you decide to travel by air at a later date. I would advise this type of cage over the wire variety for travelling in a car.

When considering what type of cage is most suitable it is important to also consider the size of your dog and his habits. If he is large and a chewer, I would recommend a hard plastic dog cage, especially if he is going to be spending a lot of time in the cage.

Whichever type of cage you decide to buy, it is important to remember that this is your dogs new home. He should see this as somewhere that provides him with security and somewhere quiet to rest. - 32401

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Finding A Good Dog Obedience School

By Joan Sebastien

An increasing amount of dog owners apparently prefer training schools, over the do-it-yourself strategy. Dog training schools can be quite costly. Nevertheless, should you lack the essential experience, or time to dedicate to this particular task, these types of schools can be found to carry out almost everything for you.

Training schools for pet dogs have begun appearing throughout almost every urban center all over North America as well as Europe. Adding quite a bit of hype together with pitch to their promises, some even offer a refund if they will not do well. Many of these schools could be the only option for many dog owners, whose deficiency of knowledge leaves them no other choice.

Quite a few dog owners maintain that the amount of money charged by a lot of these schools can be quite excessive and unjustified. However, when you take a moment to think about the actual costs, like nutrition, supplies, and also training site, you would subsequently come to understand not all the actual charges go into the company's wallets. There can be essential costs, as well as the job wages for experienced dog handlers. Seeing as a background check is conducted on the teacher, what better location will there be for the dog to learn to behave?

Prepare yourself to face the effects of taking your pet dog to training school. Certain dogs may come to feel the strain piling up and act accordingly. Provide your self with a bag in addition to a scoop, seeing as these will be the most usual symptoms involving anxiety. Maintain your dog on a lead, and look out for just what interests him or her and what doesn't. It is likely they might not like a number their fellow schoolmates a lot and would like to take action.

Lastly, don't pass on a poor attitude to your pet, try to relax and enjoy yourself and the dog should more than likely do similar. Keep him or her interested by drawing their attention to you, at least till he or she has had a chance to grow to be acquainted with the actual surrounds.

With fresh laws coming forth relating to public behavior regarding dogs, training classes are the final and only useful resource for some pet owners. For breeds for example the Boxer, or the Pit Bull, dog keepers will want to place more caution on their instruction so that it will save their dog from being put to sleep by local authorities should anything terrible happen. - 32401

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